Finding Love and Happiness through discovering Self Value and the True Realization that Women hold the Power in Relationships.


Did you know that when a woman marries or becomes a domestic partner with a man, that her household work load more than doubles and men who live with women lead far less stressful lives and even live longer? Knowing this information, how on earth are men still careless enough to believe that they are some trophy to be won! Selfish!

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    "I thought Leslie did a great job of combining motivation self-help with real world logic. The question in chapter 7 is as real world as it gets. Nice read."

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    This book by MS Neland is an excellent resource for males as well as for females!

  • Who Is Mr. Forever?

    By reading this book, you will become aware of the incredible control and power, which all women have, to choose your ideal mate and set the tone early on for the relationship of your dreams…it is now at your fingertips.#FindingMrForever

  • How to Find Him

    The perfect man awaits you. It's time to use your best qualities to find your Mr. Forever. If you've ever asked yourself, "Why can't I meet the man who makes me feel like a princess?" Then follow these steps daily. Then sit back and watch your future change.#FindingMrForever

Who is Mr. Forever?

The answer to this question is going to be different for every woman who picks up this book. This is a question that you will need to answer in order to find your best match. The answer may change and evolve as you read this book while you allow your mindset and outlook to grow and make decisive, more sound choices that best fit the amazing woman that you are today. Determining exactly what that is for yourself is the key to finding your Mr. Forever.
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What qualities and attributes must he possess?

What qualities and attributes attract you? Being able to answer these questions honestly and accurately are going to make this adventure one of the most exciting and fulfilling events of your life! The only possible way to make this process a successful one, is to dig deeper within and to attempt to uncover the real reasons for your failed past relationships.
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What kind of man really suits who you are at your “best-self”?

And most importantly, being able to do something that most women have a difficult struggle with…being selfish. Not forever, but just long enough to make certain that the man you choose is worthy of the incredible creature that you are. Then and only then should you feel comfortable sincerely giving of yourself.
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Do you know what you want and willing to hold out for it?

Look at it this way; men have been doing it from the beginning of time. Knowing what you want and being willing to hold out for it until it comes around is the only way to operate. Your happiness and well-being is of the utmost importance. Once you can firmly establish that as your way of thinking, this will be like a stroll in the park.
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